Business valuation is the determination of the value of a business as a property complex capable of bringing profit to its owner. In this article, we will consider the procedure of business valuation formula creation.

What is a business evaluation template?

Any business seeks to develop and expand its sphere of influence. However, it is impossible to correctly assess your prospects without a comprehensive analysis of the current state of affairs. It is the business valuation that gives the owners and managers of operating commercial enterprises a real picture of the company’s assets and potential.

The business evaluation template is a modern strategic analysis tool designed to assess how an organization creates and delivers a unique selling proposition to its customers, and to form a holistic picture of the relationship of the most essential components of a business – the key success factors that determine its uniqueness and competitive advantage.

The main purpose of using the business evaluation template is to help the management team during the strategic session to develop a common language for the formation, description, analysis, and evaluation of the company’s business model to create and maintain the competitive advantages of the enterprise in the market.

During the appraisal examination, the value of all the company’s assets is determined: real estate, machinery, and equipment, warehouse stocks, financial investments, intangible assets. In addition, the performance of the company, its past, present, and future income, development prospects, and the competitive environment in this market are separately assessed, and then the evaluated company is compared with similar enterprises.

The purposes of business valuation can be:

  • Improving the efficiency of business management;
  • Justification of the investment decision;
  • Enterprise restructuring;
  • Determination of the value of the company’s securities, shares in cases of various types of transactions with them;
  • Determination of the market value of the property during insurance operations;
  • Revaluation of the company’s assets for accounting purposes;
  • Making property contributions to the authorized capital of the founders;
  • Redemption of shares from shareholders.

What is the business valuation formula?

Business evaluation is not just bookkeeping and counting the number of boxes of goods in warehouses. This is a deep analytical work that is carried out using scientific methods. The business valuation formula includes the following aspects:

  • Choosing an appraisal company. The choice of an appraiser is a responsible and important stage in the procedure. The final result depends entirely on it.
  • Ensuring the necessary documentation. The appraisal firm will certainly explain in detail what documents you need to provide, but if you put together the package in advance, it will save time and immediately set the appraiser on the business wave.
  • Agree on a business valuation model with the contractor. Usually, the customer knows for what purpose he is conducting the assessment, but not always in the know which method is better to apply.
  • Monitoring the analysis of business risks. Risk analysis is a necessary stage in business assessment. The information obtained in the course of such an analysis is necessarily used in the preparation of the report.
  • Controlling the determination of the development potential of the enterprise. Professional appraisers always take into account the prospects for business development, but clients should control this stage of the study and be aware of the results obtained.
  • Receiving a report on the work done. The final stage of the procedure is the preparation of the final report. The finished document is broken down into separate items and contains not only bare numbers but also analytical conclusions.