Our Expert Review of the Top 10 Online Data Room Providers

Virtual data rooms are the most important business solutions used in modern mergers and acquisitions. Clients, lawyers, investors, business owners, and professionals in other fields use data room software to store and share business-critical files and documents. Therefore, choosing the right VDR provider is imperative because the security of your important business depends on it.

There are hundreds of VDR providers on the market, and the selection process can be overwhelming. But, with the right approach, this process can be easier than you think.

Here are some important things to consider before choosing your VDR provider.

Main Things to Look For When Choosing a VDR Provider

The information technology industry is evolving and working on information every year. VDRs allow users to securely organize, store, and share data, streamline day-to-day operations, complete transactions, and complete transactions. This can be done quickly, conveniently and safely. The possibilities of using every room for the IT business are almost unlimited.

Wherever you are, you can securely share documents that contain confidential information with partners. And this is due to the VDRs, in particular the modern repository VDR is:

  • Settlement of project sales (related to legal entities, counterparties, contracts and additional conditions);

  • Project parameterization (list of services offered in the project);

  • storing scanned copies of documents related to the project;

  • Settlement of mutual settlements with clients for projects (billing / operations, registration of payments from clients) in different currencies;

  • Maintaining additional services for projects not related to the main parameters characterizing the subject of the project;

  • Import data from an external billing system;

  • Receiving reports on the statistics of the account balance, statistics on the provision of actual services in terms of value and in-kind contributions, analysis of the effectiveness of projects.

  •  Change of project status (change of virtual space owner, parameters (freezing, temporary work stop));

  • Project extension (4 universal algorithms for calculating project extension have been implemented);

  • Mechanisms for visiting accounts (separate functions for working with accounts of business partners for managers and system operators);

  • alerting mechanism (notifications of managers and operators about important events during the project lifetime, e.g. invoicing, end of project work, etc.);

  • Mechanisms for parameterized printing of documents through templates (the designer for setting printing rules for external template files in MS Word format is implemented);

  • Restriction of users’ work in the system at the RLS level (restrictions for organizations, contractors).

Compare data room providers – understand the functions

Comparing the major data room providers when reviewing VDRs should not be a simple test of the cost of one VDR solution versus another. There are dozens of factors that influence our decision: the number of users of the VDR, the length of the contract, the amount of data loaded, the list of important business functions and many others.

So which provider offers the best deal? The main thing is to understand the variety of features that are present in the solutions of leading VDR providers and then determine which of them best fit the needs of your business.

Online data providers are difficult to compare. This is not the case when you compare each other, as VDR providers offer different tariff plans, unique features and data management tools, and often add new features.


Many companies choose data room providers solely on the basis of price. There are many things that don’t fit with this approach. Above all, a cheap price means that the storage space is limited and the number of users you need and many other limitations are not possible. Therefore, it is important that you use your “must list” and decide whether your company’s needs can be met under such a tariff plan. Note that all VDRs come with both standard and virtual features. The best VDR has transparent and flexible pricing, so you can adjust it depending on the situation.