A comprehensive Data Room solution integrates and renews your existing IT infrastructure transforming your business and reducing costs. This article is an overview of the Caplinked digital platform.

How does Caplinked Data Room work?

A serious need to implement a Virtual Data Room arose with the awareness of the need to create a unified information space that would allow both company employees and customers to work with company data and use analytical corporate applications in real-time. The main task of setting up and implementing Caplinked Virtual Data Room is to consolidate employees and databases into a single whole. This software as a business tool will ensure effective management of resources, primarily human resources, increase the efficiency of business processes and generate more profit.

The attractiveness of Data Room lies in the fact that they allow you to bring your business as close as possible to customers, partners, and suppliers, to provide users with personalization, “seamless” integration of the company’s information essence, and the ability to establish relationships within work and information groups.

Caplinked provides the following functions:

  • Integration of distributed information resources into a single information space;
  • Unified role-based access to information and applications for all participants in the process;
  • Search in internal and external information sources of the company;
  • Categorization of unstructured information (documents);
  • Automation of group work of users;
  • Integration of existing applications and data transfer between them;
  • Single registration of users in the information system of the enterprise;
  • Web-interface as a single user interface;
  • Multi-channel access to information resources and applications.

What about Caplinked pricing?

Caplinked Data Room is currently one of the most popular software solutions for different business needs and this is largely due to its extensive capabilities. Among the advantages of Caplinked solution are the following points:

  • Data management

During real-estate deals, for example, portfolio management may require thousands of documents to be exchanged between multiple, distant parties. With Caplinked Data Room, companies can manage documents and business transactions much more efficiently and easily. Customers can thus expedite the real estate transaction process by streamlining the exchange and analysis of documents and providing all authorized parties with instant access to the latest version of any document upon request from any computer on the Internet. Selected users such as lawyers, developers, contractors can have the right to publish additional information or to make changes to the document.

  • Process bidder questions with the Q&A module

Another new feature is that users can use a structured Q&A (for Questions & Answers) process so that no bidder questions go unanswered. It describes the possibility of asking questions about certain documents. The classic Q&A process is paper-based and based on circulars to the bidder. The processes are mapped web-based in virtual data rooms. The Q&A tool offers customers and data room providers the opportunity to ask and answer questions in a simple manner. The Data Room provider or the defined persons first receive a notification by e-mail that there is a new question. This can be easily answered and finally communicated to the participants via newsletter at the push of a button.

  • Cost savings

By purchasing cloud technologies from Caplinked Data Room, you simply get the IT services you need, without thinking about the costs of their operation, updating, and support. To start using the software, it is enough to conclude a contract with a provider, and you will receive all the services necessary for the development of your company’s business for a small monthly fee. Besides, the Caplinked vendor offers a free trial to test the software.